Taitung County lies on the western side of the Central Mountain Range and is divided in the middle by coastal ranges. From east to west, the county lies between the sea and the mountains and is full of scenic coastlines, valleys and plains. Taitung is easy to navigate, which makes a visit to any of these areas all the more easier.

Taitung has high mountains, a rift valley, and ocean; here you can wander through a borderless natural classroom, forget your troubles and fully experience all this beautiful land has to offer, enjoying the pleasure of slow living.

Taitung has the ocean in front and high mountains at its rear, which give it rich ecological and agricultural produce variety. The mountains are pristine, the water pure and the rice good quality; other agricultural products of which the county is rightly proud are tea, golden day lily, sugar apple, shaved fish and sailfish, their purity, naturalness and taste the pride of Taitung.

In the mountains of Taitung, the distinctive culture and festivals of the Amis, Puyama, Rukai Bunun, Paiwan and Tao are preserved. The culture here is richly diverse and it is worth slowly exploring the nature and culture in depth.