Taipei Rental Apartment Know How 


Our goal is to provide our guests a smooth move-in process in safe and convenient neighborhoods.

There are many ways to get an apartment in Taiwan here are some important tips for you to consider before you decide to move in.

1. Sublet Apartments

♠ Make sure you are dealing with the “Real Landlord” not another “subleasing tenant”; if you take someone else’s apartment without real landlord’s acknowledgement, in case anything goes wrong the landlord do not hold any responsibilities

> Make sure the “Leasing Period” is clear and the length you want. Many times when you sublet an apartment you “can not” terminate the lease until you find another tenant to takeover your apartment. (Many foreign students/workers come and leave Taiwan around the same time, there will be a gap before you can find a new tenant to sublet)

2. Apartment Rental Websites

♣ Make sure the “pictures” they post are exactly what the apartments look like. We have been in persons to some apartments that do not look like the photos on their websites at all! For example: “No windows” “Space is very small but they make it look big” “Problems with the apartment they do not show in the pictures”…etc

3. Contract

♥ It is very important that you sign the contract in English, or at least with a Taiwanese friend to help you translate. It was on the news here in Taiwan some landlord tricked 30 tenants with bad contract terms. If that can happen to local Taiwanese people it could easily happen to you

4. Getting an Apartment Before/After Arrival

♦ Before: The good thing about securing an apartment before arriving Taiwan is that so you do not need to go through the hassles of looking for a place to move in while trying to adjusting to a new environment. However, you should always be cautious about the pictures you see. Sometimes you can ask for more pictures or even a video to make sure

♦ After: The good thing about getting an apartment after you arrive Taiwan is that so you get to visit the apartments physically. However there is no guarantee there will be the most desired apartments for you available right after you arrive

Conclusion: There are pros and cons for both options, thus it really depends on how tight or loose your schedule is; and finding a trustworthy agent is also important it will save you lots of time and energy from looking into wrong places and apartments